Joewell GXT40 Thinning scissor, 5.9 inch hairdressing

Buy online Joewell GXT40 Thinning scissor, 5.9 inch hairdressing scissors, Joewell. Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK. Scissors, Saws, Knives, Tools | Prosharp Cornwall

Joewell FX PRO 40-Teeth Thinning Shear - Scissor Hub Australia

5.9" Super Alloy - blade - Regular finger hole size - no color coating 1.9 oz. handle content: Nickel-less (less than 0.6%) Convex thinner with good balance of weight and sharp cutting performance. Made in Japan Original, authentic Joewell; accept no substitutes for these award winning ultra-high quality hand finished shears From this Collection

Features HANDLE POSITION Classic Joewell Handle STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy SIZE 5.6" Inches CUTTING EDGE 35% Cut Ratio BLADE 30 Teeth Thinning FINISH Polish Finish MODEL Joewell GTX30 | GTX-30 EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest Description The GXT40 is professional-grade thinning scissors made from supreme stainless alloy.

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